Technical Specifications:
Dry Lamination & Wet Lamination Machines for Solvent Based & Water Based Machines

Web width 400 mm to 1250 mm
Substrate to be processed Polyester, BOPP, Alu. Foil, LDPE/HDPE.
Max. Production speed 120 to 225 MPm

Coating Machine:
For Various Applications using solvent based, Water based 100% solid lacquers.
Coating System Available include Gravure, Reverse Roll, Kiss Roll, Mayer Bar Three Roll Coating

Salient Features of the Plant:
AC digital drive for tension controller.
Tendency roll drive AC. With timing pulley.
Maximum speed for solvent base adhesive 225 m.p.m.
Fully pneumatically lifting tunnels and impressions rollers, Doctor Blade,
Lay and Rolls.
Chilling roll provided before rewinding.
Comfortable exhaust system for solvent fumes.
Uniform heating system.