Solvent-less Lamination Machine are with digital AC Vector drive and AC vector grade motor for the purpose of laminating two different
substrates. The machine uses two components adhesive which is solvent free, for the purpose of lamination. The machine uses five roller
technology for coating adhesive on the film which ensures less amount of adhesive coating. Hence the solvent retention levels are less in laminate produced with solvent-less lamination machine comparison to solvent*base lamination.

Standard features
• AC digital drives.
• Color touch screen.
• Integrated unwind edge guides.
• Simplex unwinds and rewind
• Oscillating adhesive applicator.
• AC Motors on shaft-less unwinds.
• Thermo-regulators or hot water

Technical detail
• Working speed up to 350 m / min.
• Web width up to 1300 mm.
• Unwind / Rewind roll diameter up to 1000 mm.
• Roll weight up to 800 Kg.
• Materials: BOPP, OPP, PET, LDPE, ALUFOIL, etc.